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Curriculum Vitae, R. Assmann

  Studies in Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany. Diploma and PhD in Physics.
  Studies of Physics, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany.
  Abitur at the Ernst-Moritz Arndt Gymnasium, Bonn, Germany.

1998-present Physicist, CERN, Geneva
since 2002   AB Project Leader for LHC collimation.
Responsible for managing the design, R&D, production and commissioning of the LHC collimation systems among various CERN departments and groups. Responsible for managing the external project collaborations with SLAC, BNL, FNAL and Kurchatov Institute.
2001-2002   Coordinator of the CLIC stability study and the vibration and stabilization laboratory.
Responsible for building up an experimental laboratory and coordinating measurements and simulations.
1998-2001   Engineer in Charge for LEP2 operation.
Member of the physicist team running the LEP2 accelerator.
1997-1998 Physicist, SLAC, Stanford University
    Accelerator physicist in the PEP-II division at SLAC.
Member of the PEP-II commissioning team.
1994-1997 Research Associate, SLAC, Stanford University
1996-1997   Primary investigator of the SLAC experiment E-157 (plasma-wakefield acceleration).
Work with the collaborating institutes at USC, LBNL and UCLA on a proposal and implementation for an experiment on 1 GeV/m electron acceleration in a 1 m long plasma.
1995-1997   Front-end commissioner for SLC operation.
Member of the physicist team studying and optimizing the SLC performance.
1995-1997   Member of the design team for the NLC.  
1994   Scientific Associate, CERN, Geneva.  
    Unpaid scientific associate at CERN. Completion of PhD thesis (download 2 MByte).  
1991-1994   Scientific Associate, Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (MPI), Munich.  
    Grant for PhD studies. Work on particle physics (ALEPH)and accelerator physics at CERN.  

2003-2004   CERN Summer Student Program:   CLIC Accelerator Technology for the Energy Frontier  
since 2004   JUAS:   Future Accelerators  
since 2005   CERN Academic Training:   LHC Machine-Experiment Interface  

(a) Doctoral Students
2001-2003   S. Redaelli, UNIL Lausanne, "CLIC Magnet Stabilization to the Sub-Nanometer Level"  
since 2003   G. Robert-Demolaize, University Grenoble, "Advanced Simulations of the LHC Collimation System"  
since 2005   C. Bracco, EPFL Lausanne, "Expected Proton Losses in the LHC Rings"  
(b) Fellows      
since 2004   S. Redaelli, LHC collimation  
since 2005   T. Weiler, LHC collimation  

since 2004   Scientific Advisory Board EPAC  
2001-2003   International Linear Collider Technical Review Committee  


European Particle Accelerator Conference EPAC 2002: 
Review of Ultra-High Gradient Acceleration Schemes - Results of Experiment

Symposium on the Legacy of LEP and SLC SIENA 2001: 
A Brief History of the LEP Collider

Asian Particle Accelerator Conference APAC 2001:
LEP Memorandum

Spin 2000 Symposium:
Spin Dynamics in LEP with 40 to 100 GeV Beams

International Conference for Computational Accelerator Physics ICAP 2000:
Computational Challenges for Linear Colliders

Particle Accelerator Conference PAC 1997:
Beam Dynamics at the SLC


More than 100 publications in accelerator physics. Co-author on more than 70 ALEPH publications in particle physics.

Last updated: 09/01/2005